رفاه مهدي علي


       This era is characterized by the massive flow of information and knowledge coupled, with the pace of change in various joints, must have knowledge of the arms so that at least can keep up. So we find that the studies thinking has occupied a special place in contemporary psychology, especially in this age feel the man when he lives the life of a troubled, there is the accumulated problems faced by both in the community or on the surface of this planet’s limited resources, and which is threatened with danger, shreds, he has to stand in the face of this challenge, and the search for brain critical and innovative to come up with new solutions and the ideal, may smooth out the disturbance and failing of the conflict experienced by and assist the development of society and progress, and thus became the study of critical thinking, its various components, among other things, which challenges researchers in general and educators in particular.
       At the same time, the era of these characteristics would have the effect that a lot of psychological pressure that is dangerous to the health, balance and threaten the entity psychological, and creates them from the psychological effects such as inability to adapt to the low level of performance , and the inability to exercise the functions of daily life and low motivation to work and a sense of exhaustion psychological.

      Therefore, the methods of dealing with stress is an ideal way to re-compatibility when if a person is quoted on the knowledge of correct behavior, and if the school community is a microcosm of human society, the teachers – in addition to the social and psychological stress suffered by individuals in general – they have their own problems of course terms of their work and described the teaching profession as one of the more professions service suffering with stress, which in the case of continuity and the help of some other factors could lead to the occurrence of what is known as burning psychological response to negative pressures, of the profession and the difficult circumstances surrounding him, including the nature of education as a profession creates a high level of psychological stress that Teachers need to kind of thinking helps them to choose the best methods of dealing with stress, according to what the situation might require them, especially the top model which they imitated by the students, and therefore we need to know on the following objectives:

1 – identify the level of critical thinking by the teachers of the city of Karbala, according to the gender variable and rehabilitation.

2 – Identify the methods of teachers in the city of Karbala to deal with stress, according to the gender variable and rehabilitation.
3 – Understand the relationship between critical thinking and methods of dealing with stress to the teachers of the city of Karbala, according to the gender variable and rehabilitation.
     To achieve these goals, applied a measure of critical thinking of its preparation and measurement methods for dealing with the psychological pressure has been adopted to the research sample, which was the (450) teachers were used to extract the results of several statistical methods, including test educational Administration for one sample and the Pearson correlation coefficient and equation Baicyrial equation Alpha Kronach, and the results in general and a high level of critical thinking of teachers and more than the methods used by them is a method of confrontation as well as to the existence of a relationship between critical thinking and other variables, the researcher has developed a number of recommendations and proposals, including:

• Conduct training programs and courses for the development of critical thinking to the teaching staff, whether managers or teachers and raise their awareness of it.

The main proposals:

• conduct a study to identify the level of critical thinking among the students of primary and especially the stages ended.