سوزان محمد خضير الربيعي


The main Weapon to attack the competitive environment which the organization work in is the information, and the use of information technology is not an object as it self, but it represent the competitive Weapon which enable the organizations to achieve its goals, one of this goals is determining its strategies which will enable it to compete successfully in market place, and one of this strategies is the marketing strategy.  

   On That bases , this study had the independent variable (Information technology) represented by its three components ( Computer, Telecommunication , Internet), and the dependent variable ( Marketing strategy ) represented by its three components (Offensive ,Defensive, Rational) , in one of the Iraqi company , which it was (The state company for tiers Industry), focused on problem can be determined by clearing the information technology influence in choosing the organizations marketing strategy ?) , more specifically its try to answer the fallowing questions which represented the assent of studs Problem:-    

1-   Is the organization varies in adapting information technology components? .

2-   Is there a connective relation that has a statistic proof among the variables of the study?.

3-   What is the influence of the information technology on determining the marketing strategy?.

Also the study tried to achieve the following objectives :-

1-   Determine the scope of the organizations varies in adapting information technology components.

2-   Testing the correlation relationship among the information technology components and the marketing strategy.

3-    Testing the influence relationship among the information technology components and the marketing strategy.

    In order to achieve the Goals above, a supposing model had been built that restrict the relationship between the independent variable (Information technology with its variables) and the (Marketing strategy with its variables too), there are four assumptions com out from that model, with many subsidiary assumptions from some to show us that relations.

   The state company for tiers industry had been chosen as a spot of this study in order to do this research and testing its thesis, and the studding sample consisting of (20( members , who’s was the general manager and his assets , members of the management cancel , and the heads of the departments who’s represent the strategic staff responsible in determining the organizations strategy, and we adopt an options from for this propose as well as the personal interview in order to support the exactness of the data .

 Some static styles had been used in analyzing the data and the results came out by using (SPSS.ver 13,Windows 2004) program .

     A group of conclusions had been came out , some of theme ware :-

1- The company under study had some of the information technology components, and it’s adapted the telecommunications variable as a first class in determining the marketing strategy, then the computer, and last the internet.

2- The company under study had been varied in adapted the marketing strategy , its adapted the rational strategy as a first class , then the defensive one , and the offensive came the lasts .

   The study submitted a group of recommendations some of them ware:-

1-   Make up a special department for information technology, to supervision the use of that technology in all company departments.

2-   Disdaining some important programs such as expert systems, support systems for easier and faster the decisions making.

3-   By using the capabilities of information technology in the company it can make its marketing strategy Cleary, documented, and out of randomness.

At the end of the study, their were some suggestions, some of theme ware:

1-   Make such study in the services organizations.

2-   make a study about the impact of information technology on the marketing mix strategy.