سليم مجدي عاجل الكعبيّ

Conclusion and results

     Praise be to God who is righteous by his grace, and gain Awardees, and peace and blessings be upon the noblest objects, Mohammed bin Abdullah and upon the righteous good guys, and after:

     We have from God, the researcher luck and support, piquant this modest effort in which there were material including standing on the texts of the language of Imam Hussein,
A, and show a number of indications of buildings acts and formulas which, by the researcher to be classified a preface, chapters three, and the boot revolved around the definition of terms (significance and context, and the buildings of the acts and formulas), and the classes were, I: significant buildings acts abstract forms, and the second sign of buildings acts more a letter and forms, and the third sign of buildings acts more than one character, formats, and then to the Investigation within each chapter; to be working clearly in the back of it.
     Among the things that reached by the researcher in his research and confirm the following:

1- the researcher of the study that the Imam (PBUH) was careful in choosing his words that achieve an atmosphere appropriate to the event or subject you are talking about.

2 Select Find buildings acts semantics and abstract MORE and formulas peace be upon him in his words, revealing the richness and wide in this regard, the implications of acts within the context of the text.

3 The study confirmed that it can not determine the significance of the act or word, based on their structure, but must be considered in the indication of the substance, context and significance.

4 may affect the Imam peace be upon him some of the buildings, some because of the contextual significance that would support and strengthen the sense, about the actual use of the formula (compounded) on the building (active) instead of building (verb) in a generally have much significance.

5 teams between the two terms (significance, and meaning), is a collector total meaning of language contained in the word, a way to get the meaning, the meaning of the concepts Results One in which he refers to pronunciation, therefore, is indicative of a broader and more comprehensive meaning.

6 teams between the two terms (formula, and infrastructure), is the formula that determines the structure deduces meaning, and can be placed in the mold and weighed in the balance of morphological known in the language, if it can not be promised to the floor structure and not a formula.

7 between the research that more buildings used in his talk was of peace building (verb) and the formula in the abstract,
Significant the collection, separation, and come and go, and others, and build (I do) and the formula in a more, Significant on and royalties, and becoming, and others.

8 The study showed that there are a number of buildings and modes may be left to the implications of not referred to within For the researcher, including: becoming, and royalties, and a commitment to build (verb) and the formula, and adopted for building (actor) and formula, and the gradual introduction of the building (Astfl) and the formula .
 9 research revealed about his move away from the use of buildings heavily , to: build (Afuall) and construction (Afol), building (Afola).
10 used the Arab builders (Do) and (acts) in color and defect, evidences of their language, and did not use the Imam with him in his only at (I do) to denote the color.