وفاء مسعود عزيز فاضل


       Arabs has paid a great attention to Arabic and it’s   related fields , phonetics has been one of such fields , As a result phonetics has gained this attention and Seebawayh book has been and still is considered one source which has been paid a great attention by those interested in the Arabic language and it’s related fields , therefore ; it is called the quraan of        grammar.                                                                                                                              

         Abu Ali , therefore ; provided his comment on this book through his book ‘Atta’liqa’ ala kitab Seebawayh’ (comment on Seebawayh book ) , of which I have studied part of it which is phonetics .                                                            

         The present thesis has an introduction with three chapters ; each chapter consists ot two sections . Chapter one dealt with the place of articulation of sounds together with their characteristics ; one section for the place   ( point ) of articulation and the other section for the characteristics . Chapter two entitled ( sound aspects in consonants ) has also been of two sections ; section one dealt with assimilation while section two dealt with replacement . The last chapter entitled ( phonetic Aspects in vowels ) dealt with two phenomena ; one section for Ali’lal and the other section for Alimala . This has been followed by the conclusions  obtained .                                                                                                                             

         The thesis is now complete before you in it’s final version and may Allah accept it . Besides , I wish that it would be helpful to students concerned with Arabic phonetics and I wish it would fill the gap in Arabic libraries . I also wish that it would be of help in showing this level of linguistics in this book i.e Attaliqa book .