صلاح مهدي ساجت




       Reflect the banking operations of mission operations at the present time, especially commercial ones at the domestic level as well as at the international level, trade is based on two elements of trust and confidence is the letter of the bank guarantee of the most important means performed by banks as collateral in domestic and international trade, often resort dealers in the field international Trade to search for a way to ensure they meet the required Contracting Parties performances, as long as we in the framework of international trade relations, the letter of bank guarantee feely Find applicable law, so the study of the law applicable to the letter of the bank guarantee (the study of private international law ) will take the comparative method a way to address the subject of research, as we will hold a comparison between French law and English law and Iraqi law in all research topics, in addition to the comparison with the Egyptian law with reference to the position of international conventions as far as the subject of research, and in order to take aspects of the topic all we distributed the subject Find two chapters, preceded by an introductory we assigned for the Study of (the concept of the bank guarantee letter), then we have dedicated the first chapter to (determine the legal rules that govern the bank guarantee letter), Chapter II Vtnolna it (the scope of the law applicable to the bank guarantee letter), then we to the conclusion included the findings and recommendations of this study.