محمد ساجد نايل


From the results of technical development and technological witnessed by the world, is the emergence of a computer and the breadth of its use in various fields within the human life, such as medicine and bank management and the organization of air traffic and other uses, and as is well known that the computer does not work without the programs, as these programs serve as the spirit inside the body and works to enable a computer to perform different functions, and since the computer entered in the various joints of life, it is not surprising that occur damaging affects of using this program or others as a result glitch in the computer program and this damage may be serious in some cases , which requires the search for civil liability designed computer programs for the damages caused by that                                                                                                              

We have raised this issue a “civil liability for the designers of computer programs” by dividing the subject into two classes preceded Study introductory we discussed the concept of computer programs by definition, types and nature, and the first chapter has it discussed the nature of the responsibility of designer Civil computer and the bases programs, as the responsibility designer software to be dogmatic in most cases, because the provision of service to customers is through a connecting between them, but that does not preclude the responsibility of tort in certain cases, the most important of committing fraud or serious error, as well as all damage to third parties without being there is a relationship between the designer program and the injured, and the responsibility of the designer of computer programs of Staff accused of doing without an error and provided the damage and the causal relationship between the fault and damage                                                  

We also discussed the provisions of this responsibility through the statement of claim of responsibility and the parties and the compensation they deserve and the injured and types appropriate and how much each type of responsibility to the subject of research, and Pena amend the provisions of responsibility and the extent of passport requirement program is designed exempted from liability, it may not be revenue clause in the contract relieves designed program of responsibility for considerations multiple protection of consumers