علي مهدي عباس


Today nanotechnology science influenced human selenium usually interests and anticipation,not by the decision makers in the world’s governments and their institutions research and productivity Apartments specially after attachments a law (the national Initiative for nanotechnology in the United State of America)by the US Congress and a location large sums of money to support this initiative.the other countries of the world with their different background have worked in this field as the United States of America,and despite passing away a lapse of a short period at the starting of Nano predict which characterized with goodness,excellence and low prices on invaded all the world’s makers with substantial buffets.and the most of the economic studies which where convicted by many industrial process for organizations and the governments of the major industrial countries,so it is expected that nanotechnology represents the anatomy of skull that out what’s the size of the global investment and nanotechnology doesn’t include economic activities without the other but includes most of their sectors.

in spite of that nanotechnology mainly focused on the Malden sciences and advanced technique which are very difficult and complicated but the cost of their infrastructure to setup factories for the production of the Nano’s materials and devices with less than their counterparts in the traditional industries that give a great opportunity for the process countries to improve their National industries by depending on the nanotechnology that includes Iraq where is a number of scientific universities start to establish Centers For nano research in 2008 and which is why through contribution in sustainable development in science and technology and to create a strong protective link with local and international Institutions,so Nano technology is the future language and it is one of the post industrial stage of creation that depend on the scientific innovation and the protection of knowledge research and development centers.

The importance of the study:

this Reserch was an importance that took assumed with a specific analysis for the development and domain of nanotechnology and trying to benefit from developing countries of the world in this area.

study problem:

because of their big development was taking place in the area of using nanotechnology which have significant reflection for the economic situation.in

general we have to analyze educational case in it’s different stages and identify the most important problems with which face Educational program was actually in the labor market

The study hypothesis:

the research involves the increasing of their cognitive abilities in the field of nanotechnology and its procuration competitive specifications that requires multiplication the allocations of involve investment in research and development area.

Study structure:

in order to achieve the goal of the study that he says was divided into three chapters except the introduction that conclusions and recommendations which includes nine essential studies the first Chapter research was titled under (the competitive capacities that concept and coordinates development) the first chapter included the three sections the first one at the attached with contemporary specifications to concept of competitive capacities the second section include the nanotechnology concept but their third section who leads to the characteristics of nanotechnologies and their economic importance while the second chapter is what I told their parents and their future application for nanotechnology includes three main sections the first one interests with parent applications of nanotechnology and the second section includes the future application of nanotechnology the third section deals with their risk in nanotechnology.the third and last chapter of the pieces was titled the optimization employment requirements for nanotechnology in the Iraqi economy and its future is in

which includes three basic sections the fairest one interested with International concerns of nanotechnology on the second section include all six of the eight City situated of the Iraqi economy the final section focused on the infrastructure of nanotechnology for Iraqi economy and its futurism prospects.